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New Community Park in Flower Mound in Canyon Falls

24 April . 2023

Canyon Falls Park Opening Summer 2023

Winding trails, a basketball court surrounded by trees, a splash pad, and playgrounds designed to help kids flourish are just a few of the features in a new Flower Mound park opening this summer next to Canyon Falls.

Canyon Falls deeded the 10.8-acre park site to Flower Mound, and the park will be seamlessly connected to neighborhoods and other amenities throughout Canyon Falls via the community’s extensive trail system. The park is located west of Stonecrest Road and south of Autumn Leaf Court, at the southeast corner of the 1,200 acre Canyon Falls master plan.

Canyon Falls Park has “classic Cross Timbers” topography, with more than 60 feet of elevation change between its highest and lowest points, according to Fred Walters, principal of Mesa Design Group, which designed this new amenity for Flower Mound. Mature post oak trees cover many areas of the park.

The master plan for the park strives to preserve the natural beauty of the land and to minimize the impacts of development.

The parking lot and basketball court will be located in the flatter areas next to the road, to minimize paving and preserve as many trees as possible. The splash pad, pavilion and playgrounds will be created amid the wooded, sloping areas deeper into the site. Natural drainage patterns will be accommodated with swales and drains.

A trail loop will lead up to the park’s highest point, offering scenic views of the surrounding area.

The park will have hard and soft trails that will connect to the miles of existing trails that meander throughout Canyon Falls.

Walters said the basketball court will offer a refreshing change of scenery from what most players are accustomed to. 

“Most basketball courts are on flat, wide-open ground with no trees around them, so I think this is going to be a great playing experience amongst the trees in the park,” he said. 

The park will also include a 2,000-square-foot splash pad with a shade pavilion, and the fitness area will offer eight exercise stations. 

The park will have two playgrounds designed for children in different age groups. Walters said these playgrounds are being designed not only for fun, but also to help kids develop social and motor skills.

“The play equipment will offer a variety of experiences associated with the development of motor planning and social play,” he said. “Some of these play experiences will include spinning, sliding, balancing, and cooperative play among others.”

He added that the playgrounds will offer pockets of both high and low sensory stimulation for children, letting them choose between a more active or passive play experience.  

In keeping with the park’s natural theme, design elements such as signage and the pavilion will use the same natural stone used for walls and monuments throughout Canyon Falls.

There will be solar-powered lighting for the pavilion. The restroom will have wall-pack lighting and will be located as far away from neighboring homes as possible, Walters said. The only area that will have significant lighting is the parking lot and a portion of the trail near the fitness area, both on the east side of the park along Stonecrest.

This new amenity will be part of the more than 400 acres of parks, trails and natural open spaces at Canyon Falls. Residents of the community already enjoy the Canyon Falls Club, Hay Barn, Pooch Park, Westbridge Park and approximately 14 miles of trails.

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Photo courtesy Town of Flower Mound